Looking Up a Cell Phone Number

Cell Phone

People need access to phone numbers every day. Many use cell phones. You may lose your cell phone contact list or need to find the number of a new person, which is not an easy task. You may have a phone number with no name attached, which is equally frustrating. Online services offer information, but it is rarely free; or they say there is a free search, but you must pay for the results.

Reasons to Search for a Number

There are many reasons you might need to search for a person’s cell phone number. The person may have given you the phone number but you wrote it down wrong; you may have lost the number; you may find a phone number with no name attached; your phone contacts were deleted or your phone was stolen or hacked; you may want to locate an old friend or family member whose number has changed.

Retrieving Phone Numbers

You’ve lost your contact list on your phone and need to get the numbers back. Users can check their carrier accounts for backups, go through text messages or phone calls, and publish on social media. You may have to search out cell phone numbers by the person’s name or simply wait for the person to call you.

Find a Reliable Service

You can access a reliable online service to get a person’s cell phone number. Services that offer free lookups include Callersmart, Zaba Search, and Kiwi Searches. Apps help people to search for phone numbers by name or through a reverse phone search. You can search for company reviews online before making a commitment to buy information. Some companies offer free trials or discounted searches before requiring a membership.

Search by Name

You can search for a phone number by the person’s name. Searchers should add the city and state for the most accurate results. Some results show many people with the same name. You can choose the right person by address, age, workplace or family members and associates.

Reverse Phone Search

You find a piece of paper with a phone number written on it, but no name. You don’t call the number. The person who answers may be a potential boss or date and you don’t want to embarrass yourself. Use the same search app or program that you use to search for a person by name. Type in the phone number you wish to search and wait for the results. The results may show a list of similar numbers.  The company might charge you to get the specific number, unless it belongs to a business.

Lots of Information

We live in the information age. People want to know more about us than just our phone numbers. Many search engines and phone lookups give out a lot of information including work history, educational history, criminal and arrest records, social media profiles, bankruptcy and court information.

Sensitive Information

People can access sensitive information about us online, however, many services require you to sign a form saying you won’t use the information against a person, especially when it involved business affairs such as bank loans or employment. We must be careful about our information and protect it as much as possible. It never hurts to run the occasional search on your own phone number or name to see what info pops up.